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I contemplated splitting this library up in to wayward and betrayed but I realised that actually everyone needs to have some understanding of each other, particularly when there is a massive disconnect between you. Infidelity builds tall walls which take many years to break down. So I went with areas in which we struggled specifically and things we used to help. I hope they are helpful for you. I’ll add to it periodically so do check back in.

I’ve created some You Tube Playlists to help and in the future I’ll be making my own You Tube videos too. I have to figure out what I’ll be doing with them exactly but that’s the future. We will keep adding to them forever more.

Instagram posts things daily which are designed to provoke discussion, and support you. Give me a follow if you are on the instagram radar and find a community of wonderful people building their marriages again and recovering from infidelity.

Last but not least, I’ll be posting things to Facebook on the regular, which will again be there to support, provoke discussion and support your recovery.

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October 11, 2018