How to help your spouse talk about their affair
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Talking about the affair will transform your recovery


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Finding out about a partners infidelity is a traumatic and life changing experience. Being found out you’re having an affair is also a traumatic and life changing time too. We know because we’ve been through it. My husbands affair was revealed through discovering just four single, one line, text messages. The world that opened up around us was painful and led to many discoveries. Not only about the emotional affair my husband had for six months, about our marriage & ourselves.

I started blogging my journals on letters to my husbands affair right at the beginning of discovery. As time went on, I blogged our recovery and what helped as my life appeared to fall apart around me. We made every mistake the book tells you not to and lived to tell the tale. You can learn from us and we can help you through it. We all make mistakes in recovery. No one is perfect or has the perfect response. Thats ok. We can help you recover.

Infidelity doesn’t have to mean the end. Recovery is more than a possibility when both parties want to connect again and make their relationship stronger. It’s tough and it’s sometimes messy. It’s totally possible though.

Life after infidelity goes on and you can be a partnership again. Maybe even a stronger one. 

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Infidelity Recovery: It’s not about surviving. Most importantly it’s about thriving.

I, the betrayed spouse, am a mental health professional. I have specialised in the effects of trauma. My wayward spouse is working in IT services for a major University. We are based in the UK and want to help. You can rescue your marriage and yourself from the trauma of infidelity with our help and guidance taking you through the pitfalls and mistakes which we all make. Infidelity Recovery takes you to a stronger marriage and happier future.

We believe that you can get through the worst of times. We don’t underestimate how hard it is. We don’t patronise you. We may even say the odd naughty word. We want you to work towards a life which is happy and full of joy for you both. Use the links below to get you started.


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January 27, 2019