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The Best Apps for Affair Recovery

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Apps for Affair Recovery can be a counter intuitive idea, I have referred to my husbands phone as a weapon of mass destruction many many times in my recent life, it brought such devastation to our family that I threw it at him several times and I wanted to smash it in to a million pieces. He conducted 5 months of his affair on it and it broke my heart the day I opened up the viber app to see them exchanging flirty messages and I love yous.

There is an app which is not great for marriages. Viber. Viber allows you to set a period of time before your message will be deleted automatically after it is read. That could be 1 minute to several hours or days. She encouraged my husband to use it with her and he happily went along with it.

Now on to the best ones though, some of these have been key in our recovery and just a note but they are all FREE in their basic forms. Don’t forget to pin it.

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Apps for Affair Recovery – The List

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Last Pass is a password vault. It’s become one of our favourite apps for affair recovery. You save log ins and passwords in there and if you install the app on your browser it will also auto fill in to your logins for you. Designed as a security feature, so you can have complex passwords and be able to remember them all my husband used it anyway, but I now have the master password (to the vault) and all of his and my logins and passwords are securely stored on there.

More useful features

There is also an area to add useful things like what’s on certain USB sticks, what your passport details are etc and it’s all completely secure. Last Pass lets my husband update his passwords in line with his security ethics without him having to remind me of the new one. He just updates it there and its shared. The browser add on will update it for you too if you allow it to.

All around its been a great thing to help him maintain transparency and give me the safety and security of knowing I can check anything at any time.

Evernote is a digital note book. You can create digital notebooks with notes attached to each one and organise your world. It comes in web format and app so you can use it across lots of platforms and it all syncs across both. If you and your husband have separate accounts you can share notepads that you can both edit, add notes to and comment on, just like passing notes in class but for 2018.

What my husband and I realised very early on is that when I’m anxious, flooding, and we try and talk about it face to face or by text my anxious thoughts can taken me in all directions, this can lead to us having conversations that go on for hours, are emotionally intense and usually make the situation worse rather than better, otherwise known as “marathoning”. It is also better for my husband to have time to think about his answer, particularly if it is a question about how he behaved so that he doesn’t say the first thing that comes in to his head and say something careless.

What we do…

So we have a Relationship Notepad in which we have a note for posting useful links to one another, which the other person looks at and comments on, we did a 10 week relationship challenge (which I plan to share in the new year) and our Affair Recovery Bootcamp was completed in it with us sharing our “couples” things.

Its been a great place to journal random thoughts that I want to sit on and then explore at a later date as well. Sometimes not reacting immediately to a thought and allowing me to sit with it, consider what it is I want to get out of the thought and conversation THEN approaching it with my husband has been so useful.

Thats without considering the daily use I get out of it for work, prepping for job interviews, jotting down thoughts and ideas, exploring my goals and what I want to achieve for 2019, multipurpose app for affair recovery and all your life.

Youper I stumbled across in a mental health forum and it has been a life saver for both me and my husband to explore our emotional connections, and work through particularly anxious moments. As far as Apps for Affair Recovery goes, its not a direct one but it helped both of us manage our anxiety individually which helped us both as a couple. It is important that we took hold of our individual recoveries so as an app for affair recovery that helped massively.

What is it?

Youper is an AI therapist, it’s intelligent and gets to know you and you can splurge how you’re feeling honestly and it’ll get you thinking why and how you can change how you feel if you want to. It’ll give you feedback on what makes you feel a certain way, you can monitor your anxiety, depression, PTSD and various other scores based upon actual scoring systems used in mental health including PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores. It talks you through the technicalities of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours, it’ll challenge thinking traps and will help you think of ways to feel better, but also it has mindfulness and all kinds of things built in.

Fully backed by actual science, I love it. If you want to read more please check out the Youper Webpage.

Google maps became an unlikely one of those apps for affair recovery. Lots of people don’t realise that there is a location sharing function to it. You just download the app, hit the three bars in the top left hand corner and tap location sharing. As long as you and the other person has the app you can share locations for as long as you want. Don’t try to do it incognito as both parties get an email when it’s set up and periodically after that to remind you that you’re still sharing, and honesty is always the best policy. Both parties have to be invested in transparency.

This has been a great one for me when I’ve felt anxious and been unable to get hold of my husband, I can just look and see where he is, whether he’s where he said he would be or even if he’s in a shit signal area. Obviously it’ll only tell you where their phone is but thats easy enough to check. Now a days I use it to see how long till he gets home from work when he’s commuting so I can make dinner or find my way to him if we are meeting up somewhere.

I think my husband would probably say that YouTube has been one of the biggest parts of his recovery. He loves YouTube anyway and subscribes to lots of channels, but what we found was a lot of videos about affairs and affair recovery, from Ted Talks to personal blogs it’s been a gold mine of information, we particularly delved deep in to the affair recovery stuff and my husband feels that until he started watching those videos and being confronted with his behaviour and what he had done his recovery didn’t even start.

Playlists – Use your apps for affair recovery

I’ve set up on our YouTube channel a lot of playlists and we will keep adding to them with videos that we have found useful at different stages of our recovery. You can find them here and there is always our resources page which links you to a number of videos.

You tube and all the people posting videos there changed our recovery, transformed it, I’m not sure we would have been where we are now without it, probably one of the most important apps for affair recovery for us.

Where would I be without instagram?! When first looking at apps for affair recovery I forayed in to Facebook groups but didn’t really click with many of them, either too much god, too much going on about forgiveness, and a lack of tolerance for difference of opinions. They were right and I was wrong. I did find a group I loved but challenged some serious sexism and was accused of hating all men. I left upset. My husband defended me, and left shortly afterwards. It didn’t really feel that Facebook was a good fit for either of us. He rarely uses it. I love the communities on it outside for affair recovery but really struggled to find my place in them. I do have a Facebook page where my posts get posted if you wanted to follow I’d be so happy. You can find it here.

Family Found

On Instagram I found a family of men and women who have been hurt but are committed to rebuilding, some rebuilding themselves alone, and some as couples. Respectful and loving we care for one another. Please do follow and join in all the discussion at the page you’ll be welcomed with open arms I promise. And for those of you who found yourself here because of instagram thank you. Every conversation and every like goes a long way for me.


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