Hitting Pause

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I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know we are hitting the pause button for a minute. Don’t worry, our recovery is going great, but we currently are:

  • In full time work which is pressured
  • Part time university degrees which have deadlines
  • working through this trauma with our 12 year old who has been struggling
  • caring for a dog and two cats
  • moving house
  • Working on our marriage with therapy and supporting each other.

As you can imagine all of this has piled up until this week I sat and was so overwhelmed that I literally couldn’t do anything. NOT a thing. For two hours I didn’t move.

So I need to pause. Just for a little bit.

I want to be back when I can truly give  you all of me, not burnt out and ultra stressed me.

I hope you will understand I am human, and some times I need to take 5 sometimes.

You can still find me on all the social media by clicking the icons in the header of the page. Come join the conversation.

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