Rebuilding Marriage

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Rebuilding marriage after an affair is a challenging prospect. Early on in recovery it can feel like climbing over a mountain without ropes; Impossible and incredibly scary. Reality is though it can be done. It can be better than it ever was before. Love can be special again.

Some links here should help you with rebuilding marriage.

Our posts about rebuilding marriage are here.    You may want to look at our other resources about forgiveness, managing anger, & self esteem, as all these things contribute.

Creating Safety in a Marriage is important part of this, the YouTube playlist on it is very useful. 

More YouTube videos here on Marriage. 

52 Emails to Transform Your Marriage: This is a great book, good sample free on Google Books too to see if it’s for you. It gives lots of prompts to write an email to your partner, one a week for a year.

The Affair Recovery Boot Camp was a really useful tool, you can complete it alone if you want to explore your own thoughts or you can do it with your spouse. We did it together and that has been a great opportunity to be together in our thoughts.

GoAskSuzie.Com is another great resource and has lots of good steps to follow and look into she has a whole section on rebuilding a marriage.

This article talks about healing your marriage and creating a marriage beyond your imagination. Cause the reality is you don’t want the old marriage back. It was not strong enough, nor good enough for you the betrayed.

February 8, 2019